Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kachin battles rage on as delegates leave for talks


A series of battles have been fought between Kachin Independence Army and Burmese Army in recent days as the two sides prepare to meet in border city Ruili on Oct 30.

Burmese army’s Gandau-yang-based artillery unit have reportedly fired several rounds of mortar shells (81mm, 105mm and 120mm) on nearby Kachin villages for two days beginning Oct 27. Local residents say Mali-yang, Ja Hta, Npawn and Namsan-yang villages have been shelled indiscriminately by government soldiers.

A battle took place between KIA’s 8th Battalion under 4th Brigade and Burmese army soldiers under 1st Military Operations Command at Loi King Bum, Je Mwi on Oct 27.

Another battle took place between KIA’s 9th Battalion under 4th Brigade and Burmese army 136th L.I.R at Maw Ham Pa near Di Ma on Oct 26.

On Oct 26, KIA’s 24th Battalion fought against Burmese army’s 601st L.I.R under Bamaw-based 21st MOC at Hpak kyi and Ting lung in Gandau-yang on Oct 26 at 5 pm. On the same day, Kachin people militia under KIA’s 27th Battalion fought against Burmese army’s 420th L.I.R under Meiktila-based 99th L.I.D near Man Win village.

In northern Shan state front, KIA’s 9th Battalion under 4th Brigade fought against a combined force of Burmese army’s 568th L.I.R under Theinni-based 16th M.O.C and 136th L.I.B under Northeastern Regional Military Command between Dima hka and Mawk Hkam confluence on Oct 26.

9 members KIO delegation led by Education Department head Sumlut Gam departed for Ruili City in Yunnan Province for another round of talks. KIO delegation will meet 12 members Burmese government’s Union Level Peace Making Group led by the group’s vice president U Aung Min on Tuesday. Lt-Gen Myint Soe of the Commander-in-Chief’s Office (Army) and northern regional commander will be included in Burmese government’s delegation. Lt-Gen Myint Soe was Chief of the Bureau of Special Operations No. 1, and oversaw Burmese army’s operations in Kachin, Chin and Sagaing State.

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