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Kachins and Burmese will no longer be able to live side by side under this ever color-changing chameleon government. What color the regimes may change, their main aim is to disperse, crash and finally, to eliminate the minorities. The government never gives up to abandon their old way of TaKhins’ policy as their pioneers, TaKhins of British colonials’ plan and strategies i.e. to eliminate minorities in the country and take away their lands. In order to conquer the whole country into an inconvincible land of single nationality of Burmese within fifty years after the independence, they used different sorts of propagandas to disintegrate different nationalities to fight each other under their administration. Tens of thousands of people from minorities lost their lives in the tricks set up under the banner of the Union country, Pye Thoung Su. In the last minute, minorities realized the regimes’ cunning top secret plan, so the minorities rose to protect themselves. Fortunately, they underestimated the minority revolutionaries. They wanted rebels to obey their command to disarm themselves and hand over the weapons to make eternal peace. But the eternal peace they say is, another way of saying, to finish all the minorities, and assimilate them all into Burmese ethnic group. Now their army, so called Pye Thu Tammadaw, is made up of majority Burmese with a few percentage of other minorities, that happened because, after learning their ill-effecting secrete, many other minorities try to stay back from enrolling there. So the army seems like mono-ethnic military of the ruthless Burmese leaders. The worst thing is the government has poisoned their idea of Burmanization, discrimination in the doctrine of Burmese ethnic civilians on other ethnic minorities.

So this Burmese mono-ethnic leading regime later gets even ruder and crueler to the public in ethnic minorities’ regions. In their military training ground, you will see images, shades of children and women hanging among the images of men so that they will be dare to kill all young and old without being distracted. Around the training ground, there are sign posts, “march courageously, Kill boldly” instead of having sign posts of protecting and saving. As the consequence, the soldiers seem to think that they were Hitler’s army. I can say so, because I have heard one Burmese young adult saying he wished that Burmese had a man like Hitler. The man’s idea was just a snapshot of the majority Burmese’. So, Burmese army that comes to Kachin land yielding, beating their chests and grinning their teeth that they would burn Kachin villages, kill any Kachin in the frontier areas. For example, in Burmese troop that fought in Phakant jade mining areas, there were some Kachin soldiers. First Kachin guys thought their mission was just to target the KIA soldiers, but their captain ordered them to kill any Kachins, both civilians and soldiers when they got there. In the frontlines they had to shoot a couple of civilians. They were very unhappy and turned their guns’ barrels toward their Burmese comrades behind. Many Burmese soldiers killed each other on that day. They, in fact, have done all kind of bad things. The villagers have suffered too much. Finally, some can not shallow it and have no choice, and join the militias. It is good thing that Burmese army tortures and treats cruelly to Kachin villagers. It is in away that drives them to empower Kachin army.

Now almost all Kachin people are victims of the war, because villagers in the frontier have to run away to safer areas and many urban dwellers at the same time, have to share what they have such as accommodation, with their relatives from the jungles, in spite of having no job for income. Now, 90% percent of Kachin population lives with tough financial affair besides having no job opportunity. People have heard the President saying to hold back fighting for peace process several times on the radio and they were happy.  But nothing good has ever happened. Finally, the people know “Saying is one thing and doing is another” of the Mr. President. Ironically, I just do not understand, despite the cunning, the regime elements still want to get him nominated for the noble peace prize. And Mrs. Su Kyi, who was once supposed to be the queen of none-violence, used to be the hope of all minorities. All minority rebels backed her up to be in “Lutthaw” Parliament and she got in to possess a seat because she had talked a lot about minorities but the situation changed so fast. When she got into the Parliament, she forgot all about minorities, only then minorities people realized what she truly said was just out of the tears from a crocodile’s eyes. Especially, when she was asked about the war on Kachin nationality, she just gave a simple solution as a harsh regime would do while she was in Britain. This means that she no longer takes interest in the case of minorities seriously.

So the regimes and all their elements are unchangeable. After building themselves up and dwindling minorities by all means for a half century, most of the Burmese are influenced by superiority complex that makes themselves think they are superior to minorities. They would use weapons to crash, where weaponry is not appropriate they would use sugar coated venom. In other words, they use their killing machinery army as the hardware attacking, but as the software offensive they use verbosity of influential Mrs. Su Kyi, sometimes, to present the regimes’ misconduct to be gook-looking in the sight of suspect western alliance, whom they used to called dare devils or the main outside trouble makers to set country unstable so and so.

Now, they even triggered up among the Kachin ethnic society to misunderstand each other. For example, they try to break the unity, by encouraging among the dialects and clans. But Kachin is called Jinghpaw Wunpawng; Kachins is used by outsiders to refer to any of these clans or tribes. So, Kachin is political term to this ethnic society with six dialects or clans. Jinghpaw Wunpawng is used by insiders to refer to themselves as a collective pronoun. It doesn’t literally refer to Jinghpaw speakers alone.

This is the question a simple villager asks, “When half a million of Kachins run down into poverty, will it be meaningful to have peace-talk and live like before? It is too late to have peace-talk for a conventional event. The only thing all Kachins want is to have their own land, and establish separate country. This can only be what the regimes called “Eternal Peace”. Burmese regimes have ruled the Union country for over half a century. They have extracted all kinds of resources, which has made up much more than half of the whole country income but nothing good has ever done to this Kachin land. Over the years, all the regime generals, so called Northern Commands, got rich when they came to Kachin land. But what they have done is they have bullied, tortured and threatened the inhabitants than anything. The people have now been psychologically damaged. Fear and prejudice have choked every Kachin psyche. As a result, all Kachin people are tired of living under Burmese regimes. Kachin people do not want to kill others so as do not want to be killed. Now Kachin people have to deny themselves and fight for the freedom.  And, the federal they are going to give will not be authentic one because nothing good has ever come from Burmese leaders. The land Kachin people are asking, longing for is not the part of Burmese territory, but originally, their own native one.  Therefore, it is time Burmese chameleon government gave up striving for Kachin land back and the regimes army stopped crossing historical Me Zar River. After all, what every Kachin people will consciously say is “We want a separate Kachin Country for eternal peace”.

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