Friday, October 19, 2012



At 10:00 PM on the day of 17th October, the brutal Burmese Government troop, which is based on Hpakant military tactic hill, fired 12 times with 81 MM artillery weapon to the Maw Mau Hill, according to the KIA front-line officer report. On that incident, the innocent (3) civilians died and another (3) civilians wounded seriously. On the other hands, the Burmese Government President Thein Sein and Minister Awng Min lied very neatly to the world  that “Our Burmese troops are not fighting to the KIA, just only sending the ration to the front-line area”.

I simply would like to know, how President Thein Sein and Awng Min gives beautiful reason on that killing the innocent civilians. How you want to lie again to the world. On the other hands, it is the right time that the Government military negotiates KIA to meet in Shweli, China. Moreover, the KIA ordered their troops to cease fire while the USA Foreign affair groups arrive in Nay Pyi Taw, it is hopefully that they will discuss the peace process negotiation for the arm groups. Basically, the two clashes arm group should cease fire while there is the meeting. But the Burmese Government troops is started to open fire to the innocent civilians, it is very clear stated that the Burmese Government doesn’t want to make peace process. In addition, it is very bad that the Burmese Government propagates KIA doesn’t want peace. The worst, the Government make targeted not only KIA troops but also the innocent civilians, thus it is very clear out that the Burmese Government make ethnic cleansing.

How shameful and how impurity that the famous Nobel peace laureate and Nobel peace candidate make silent, allow unfair to the ethnics while they are shouting to build a democratize new country, to become law and order community. They should be remembering their award; everyone knows that their words and their practical ways are totally different.

The word "Peace" turns to bitter medicine for the Kachin people. The Government army lies not only to the international community but also to the ethnic groups on regarding peace process. They always make opposite of their words and their practical action. “The Burmese government always breaks their promise, nothing will be happened again from the meeting, discussion in the meeting likes the gentlemen action, but there is no gentlemen in the Burmese government,” said KIA battalion commander.

Now, the trouble Kachin people only look upon to Almighty God and like an Israel who occupied their forefather land with fighting, the Kachin people also want to get their right through fighting. The Israel liberated from the Egyptian, as well as the Kachin also trust they will liberate from the Burmese oppressor. Currently, all the Kachin people are accepted KIA/KIO as their real leader and guider. So, if the Burmese government accuses all the Kachin are KIA, I want to answer “Yes”. Thus, take all the Bama (Burmese) from the Kachin State, again separate the Kachin state and make the boundary with barbed wire, at that time the Myanmar country will get Peace.

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