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The Picture of The Kachinland After Match of Phakant Issue During 27-29 August, 2012.

Dear our political leaders of the present world communities, on behalf of all the Kachin people, our common people of Myanmar including minorities and all walks of life, this letter of presentation is being shared to you so that all of those who receive information through complex media may not be brought into blindfold. 

This letter of presentation aims to clear away all such kind of doubt and blindfold that lead people into political captivity. The present world leaders of the western communities always like to question this way: while the rest of the insurgent groups of the minorities in Burma received peaceful negotiation and signed with Thein Sein government, why should the KIO / KIA continue their fighting against the present government?  Kachin people consider that this question comes from those who do not understand the real situation of Kachinland.

Therefore, this question cause to think that Thein Sein government is trying to secure  a licence to wipe out the KIO / KIA by using more and more stronger weapon soon or later. What is the main reason of KIO / KIA for their consistent fighting against the soldiers of Thein Sein government, should be discussed in the following:—

1. The military leaders of the present government can never be trustworthy because of their lying mentality. 
Kachin people,  like other minorities always hope that  Thein Sein government will provide true peaceful negotiation with all insurgent groups. We have had experienced when leaders of Peace-talk Groups under the leadership of U Than Aung, U Thein Zaw and U Aung Min as they went around KIO / KIA area; KNU, Shan Insurgent Groups of  south and north areas etc; that although they declared the statement for having acheived peace-talk negotiation between the two parties, and yet, fighting continue again just only after 5 or 6 months.
Peace talk and negotiation with written document can never be materialized. Because it is clear that peace-talk and negotiation as based on lip-service of the leaders which never reaches to decision making of the Parliament.

2. The second point is practicing a genocidal ideology in the process of Peace-talk agreement.
All the Kachin people are being transparently threatened by genocidal ideology as the top military leaders themselves explicitly a express about it infront of the Kachin leaders. This genocidal ideology has been practically exercised as the Kachin rural villages, homes, farms and all properties were ransacked by the military soldiers. Women are being raped, men are usually shot and killed. As a result, the Kachins people, having no way out, have to round-up in secured area as being Internal Displaced Persons inside in the Kachinland and somewhere inner the sino boarder. 
The question of the Kachin people is:-
Why do the leaders of world community try to consider that President Thein Sein is going to lead Burma towards democracy in a better way?   
Do our world leaders understand that President Thein Sein is putting his one step on genocidal ideology and putting another step on searching for democracy being introduced by President Barack Obama?
Nowadays Thein Sein government is investing its military effort in Kachinland  about 50% for the purpose of annihilating the Kachin people. It is therefore even if democracy is acheived to a certain degree, this democracy can never be adopted and conformed in the socio-political and cultural-religeous context of the Kachin Community.
In this political context, KIO / KIA has  no trustworthy on Thein Sein government and therefore if the military government truly trying to build democracy, Thein Sein should introduce International Democracy which can also be adopted and conformed in the socio-political context of the Kachin people.
3. The root causes of Phakant issue.

For the first time a peace talk agreement had been made between the military government and the KIO / KIA leaders in 1994.  During this agreement period, the KIAs were not disarmed, but they could not use arms either for fighting or even to defend themselves from being killed. Therefore KIO / KIA became defendless and they lost their authority in military power. They have to surrender Phakant areas in the hands of joint-companies being controlled by the military leaders. Many rich people joined in it as share holders but  the KIO / KIA have never been able to participate in Jade project. During that time the companies were introduced to Phakant along with different kinds of drugs such as heroin, amphetamine.
There was a time  when the KIO / KIA were requesting for donation and all the companies contributed their donation; but then the military leaders who are being involved in it suddently stopped all the companies from working. 

As a result of this, the whole communities of Phakant became jobless and they lost an earning life. Anyway, the jobless groups and poor people started working  to find jade nearby suitable area;, consequently, this working groups and poor people extended their working areas in all other parts of Phakant. As a result, the area of Jade Companies being owned by a retired army officer had been occupied, by the common people; therefore, when he heard about this news, he requested some armies who are living in Phakant sending them to his area to give security. It was a time they confronted face to face with KIA on the way and they started fighting on 24th. August. This fighting horrified the company owner when he lost his security and properties. The main cause was that a retired military officer based his company under the security of the military power.

The policy of KIO / KIA is allowing all ordinary poor people to have opportunity to work on Jade to earn their life, but the joint companies under the military leaders occupied the whole area under the tight security with arms. For the sake of the citizens, KIO / KIA have to drive the soldiers out who serve themselves for the benefit of a handful of the military dictators.

Uru River / Phakant

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